5-10-2022 | 12:03 AM

Added the Flower Prince and an updated Directory of Entities.

5-9-2022 | 5:25 PM

Most of the clean-up has been finished.

Added 2 new entities:

I swapped the colors of blogposts and changelogs, as I think the subtler black makes more sense for changelogs while the punchier blue makes more sense for blogposts.

5-6-2022 | 4:38 PM

Everything looks broken because I'm making big changes.

2-16-2022 | 3:02 AM

Today's weather was fantastic. I went on a walk and took some pics. Very refreshing.

1-18-2022 | 4:27


1-16-2022 | 5:30 PM
1-15-2022 | 6:53 PM

New Dwarf Fortress content! The story continues.

I've been trying to help with the fauux shit and I'm losing braincells staring at rec. I've got pages of shit and none of it leads anywhere. I'm going insane.

In other news, yesterday was day 3 of my linear algebra class and I'm already lost. WTF is a squiggly arrow? ℝ^ℝ? Seriously what is going on.

I'll make some new art for the front page soon.

1-9-2022 | 5:41 PM

Classes start tomorrow, so I'll probably be less active.

1-6-2022 | 2:04 AM

Went caving yesterday, it was a ton of fun! Things we did:

Also bats are cute :)

The car ride was several hours and I had a splitting headache on the way there. The ride back was fun though. We ate at this one random pizza place in the middle of some small Kentucky town.

On the way back, the guy driving accidentally hit the car in front of us while we were stuck in highway traffic. Both cars pulled over, exchanged info, decided not to file a crash report, etc. But then, before we could merge back into the traffic, a cop just happened to see us. He stopped us and decided to file a crash report anyways, and gave our driver a ticket. Bruh.

1-5-2022 | 12:19 AM

Slowly but surely, I'm getting this site ready for release. I hope.

I now have a GitHub repository for this site so I can backup my code.

There's now a comment box on the home page. It was hell to style it. Finally figured out that the default code was loading some bootstrap css bullshit. Got rid of that, now it's a bit better.

Now I just gotta finish up the rest of the site. Add more content. Replace the background image on this page cause I don't have the rights to the current one. Wonderful.

Also I'm going caving tomorrow! It's gonna be fun. Except for the 3 hour long ride both ways. Anyways, if I don't update the site after this, I probably got lost or something.

1-4-2022 | 4:56 PM

So... Element CSS...

It kinda sucks tbh. It does some things well, and its very simple and intuitive. Main thing is that it's very hard to control the spacing between columns in a nice way, while also making it work with the mobile layout.

As an aside, html and css are frustrating. Nowadays I try to keep all the layout and content in the html, and the styling in the css. Of course, putting layout rules in external css is fine when the rule is going to be reused many times and you don't want to repeat code.

Anyways, fed up with Element CSS's weaknesses, I decided to write up an alternative. It uses grids instead of tables. Unfortunately, though grids are powerful, they also require some forethought and planning beforehand to avoid problems down the road with mobile layouts. I wanted something simple and intuitive with near-zero boilerplate suitable for rapid prototyping. When I have an idea for a layout, I want to get it on my screen as fast as possible.

So, I added <hbox> and <vbox>, 1 dimensional grids that align their items horizontally and vertically, respectively. <hbox> will rearrange its children into a vertical layout instead for small screens. I found this to be much more intuitive and faster to work with, though it comes at the cost of limiting some of the power that grids can have.

If you wanna check this stuff out, head over to this page. It's fully self-contained, so feel free to download the entire thing and poke around.

1-2-2022 | 10:14 PM

Servers are up, all is well! No funny business here.

Anyways, I'm gonna try out Element CSS, a minimal website framework. Seems useful for quickly drafting stuff up. I'm also gonna experiment with custom properties as inline style parameters (and due to the rules for specificity, we should be able to set default values inside CSS classes and override them in inline styles!). See the results here.

In other news, I'm gonna sign up for a game jam. I promise.

12-30-2021 | 4:09 PM

So the dude I work for basically stores our entire server cluster in his garage. The cluster is made of several PCs, each with very high-tier graphics cards (No, we are not mining bitcoines. We run code that needs a lot of parallel processing and stuff like that). Thing is, this dude went on vacation and is renting one of his rooms to a friend.

Like 2 days ago, the entire cluster went down. Tomorrow I'm gonna have to go over and check on the servers and router. Better hope they're doing alright. The way I see it, there are a few possibilities:

  1. The router died or got unplugged.
  2. The login node crashed and didn't restart, or overheated so bad that it melted.
  3. The dude took all the shit and dipped.

12-29-2021 | 4:44 PM

I return!

Added a buttons page. Mostly for myself so I can keep track of all the cool sites I find. Super hyped though, now I have an excuse to descend into the rabbithole of weird websites.

Pages coming in the future (I promise):

I was also super impressed/inspired by yudo.cc's game https://whomst.zone/, along with this. I want to make something like that at some point.

Oh, and I added some new lovely individuals to the front page. See you soon :)

12-21-2021 | 5:56 PM

So I decided to revamp my site...

A few days ago, I decided I'd had enough of trying to make a "professional-style" and well-organized site. I worried way too much about how my stuff looked, but I spent so little time on the stuff itself. That's cool and all, but a cool-looking site is pretty worthless if there isn't cool content to match it.

The site you see now is based on a bare-bones minimal experiment I made a while ago. I think it fits with my new ideas. That said, I won't be putting much effort into organizing the pages behind nice site-wide nav bars.

Anyways, please enjoy the new look. All the art on the front page is made by me :)