Fortress Elbelrigóth

In the year (unknown), in the far north, the fortress Elbelrigóth was founded. Our first expedition, just months before, had succumbed to dehydration. The second and current expedition will not fail our nation.

Hello, World


In the beginning of Elbelrigóth, things were suspiciously well. The embark area was absolutely stunning - a river canyon with a massive waterfall tributary, opening into wide plains. A beautiful and tranquil place.

Winter hit hard, but the first years went well. But then, while we were low on booze and only half-done with our water cistern, winter set in once again. No matter, we thought. It would pass. Except it didn't. The cold season was exceptionally long that year, and with no sources of water in sight, dehydration began to kill. The last to die were two small children, playing in the barracks.

The embark area

Expedition II


The current expedition arrived in [unknown date]. The place was shrouded in spirits of the dead, so we spent the better part of a month cranking out coffins and memorial slabs. After the dead were put to rest, we got gardens set up. Even with a large stockpile of booze, we were barely able to make it through the next winter.

In the meantime, our mining team began digging surveying tunnels in the rock beneath. Incredibly, this area was not only beautiful, but held massive amounts of gold! As for gemstones, jade was plentiful too!

Allow me to introduce some of our citizens.

Melbil Thîkutulzest
Gem Cutter
An incredibly helpful dwarf, Melbil is integral to the health of the fortress. She's also a really nice person, crafting toys for the children. She is a huge fan of theater. She is very loyal, valuing honesty, friendship, and cooperation, but highly enjoys merrymaking and partying.
Eral Stukosgídthur
Unlike most nobles, the Baron earns his keep. Valuing loyalty, compassion, and cooperation, he makes an excellent leader. He's a good fighter too. Oh, did I mention his long hair and fine moustache? He's the most stylish individual in the fort, and he knows it.

Damn Aquifers


We've been scrambling to get some defenses in place to prepare for future sieges. The world is not at peace. We've built a gatehouse up high, next to the canyon. While excavating the entrance halls, we discovered patches of porous water-producing stone - aquifers. As long as we dig quickly, smooth the walls as we go, the flooding shouldn't be able to keep up. Unfortunately, the water got so out of hand that we had to wall the whole section off. In the chaos, Melbil got trapped behind a closed drawbridge and died before she could be found and rescued. Today is a day of great mourning.

Beneath the gatehouse

With the basement of the first gatehouse flooded, we've decided on a different approach. The Death Spiral. It consists of a long spiral corridor, filled to the brim with traps. When an enemy lays siege, we'll seal off the main entrance, forcing them to come through the spiral. This will take quite some time, and there's a good chance they won't even come close to making it through. But even if they do, we can just seal up the inner entrance and wait for them to leave.

Unfortunately... this layer also has aquifers. We've been able to keep it under control so far, however, so things are looking up.

Death Spiral, under construction


"A vile force of darkness has arrived!"

Spotted in the distance is a group of ~10 goblin warriors sneaking towards the fortress! With the Death Spiral and gates unfinished, we'll have to fight with our 2 military squads.

Enemy goblins

Quickly, we call all civilians inside and station our 2 military squads just outside the current entrance.

Stationing our military squads

The battle is quick and gruesome. The ~10 goblin twinks are no match for our ~20 trained and "well-equipped" dwarf champions. Unfortunately, I must have messed up the training regimen for the crossbow squad, because they ran in head-first and tried to bash the goblins' heads in with their crossbows. Crossbows are a pretty scary melee weapon, but I'd rather have them used for shooting.

The battle rages, while our farm animals flee in terror.

Unfortunately, we lost some of our own:

May you all rest in peace and glory.